Scribblings of the Small and Poetic: Soujin Prouvaire

Disclaimer: The writings listed on this page are fanfiction. Les Miserables and all characters therein belong to the wise and venerable Victor Hugo. Horatio Hornblower and all characters therein belong to A&E or, failing that, C. S. Forester. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and all characters therein belong to Robert Louis Stevenson. All other characters, movies, books, fandoms, or anything else in that vein belong to their respective creators. Please to not be suing the penniless and poetic Soujin Prouvaire.

Many of these stories contain slash. Slash concerns a romantic relationship between two people of the same sex, generally non-canonical. If this disturbs you, you are warned.

Chapter Fics:

Rosemary and Sage, And Oranges: In Which Enjolras is an actor. Hamlet/Les Mis crossover; PG-13; WIP.
Wandering Blind: In Which Jehan Prouvaire is an alcoholic, and unwilling disciple to Grantaire. Les Mis; PG-13; Slash, Complete.
Within a Dream: Archie Kennedy and Martin Courfeyrac interact in the world of dreams. Sequel to "Crisscross and Crosscriss". Les Mis/Horatio Hornblower crossover; PG; Slash, Complete.
Voir: The story of Nicolas Enjolras, the blind boy. Les Mis; PG; Complete.
The Tapestry of Jewels: "Remember, the revolution is a sacrifice, the barricade an altar, and Patria the Goddess. Please, when they cut your throat, try not to thrash too much. The Goddess' robes must not be stained." The Saga of Girald Enjolras. Les Miserables; PG-13; Slash; Complete.
Nunquam Erit: Five Things That Never Happened to Cosette. Les Mis; PG; Complete.
The Last Poem: Jehan composes a poem at the barricade, and needs someone to give it to. Les Mis; PG; Complete.
The Legend: The Tale of Florian Enjolras. A living legend, in all senses of the phrase. Les Mis; PG; WIP.
The Shadow: Samuel Enjolras adores his older brother Dimitri. So what's to happen when Dimitri dies? Les Mis; PG; WIP.

One-Chapter Fics:

All the Children, No More: The story of Emile Enjolras and Noel Courfeyrac. Written for Santafrenchboys. Les Miserables; PG-13; Slash.
One Hundred Years: Ice: Enjolras is a child, entranced by the ice, then a young angel, dying by the kiss of bullets. Les Mis; G.
A Snow Day: Jehan Prouvaire and Guillaume Combeferre, running about in the snow. Les Mis; Slash; PG.
Inside: Dying is not fun. Especially when your father is the one responsible. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; PG-13.
Trust: William Bush and Andre Cotard get along despite their differences. A kiss, but not enough to be real slash. Horatio Hornblower; PG.
Quai Razio Serna: Johnny watches over Ponyboy in the train car. The Outsiders; PG; Slash.
The Passing of the Grey Company: Enjolras and Grantaire during the last moments. Inspired by and dedicated to the latest Lord of the Rings Movie. Les Mis; PG.
Signs: Combeferre needs reassurance, and Courfeyrac is willing to offer it. Les Mis; G; Slash.
I Wasn't Born to Walk on Water: The Story of Martin Courfeyrac the First. Les Mis; PG.
Enjolras Will Speak Again: The fathers of Les Amis have their say. Or not, as the title implies. Small creative libery taken, and Feuilly's parental unit was dug up. Les Mis; PG.
Nothing in His Life: Luc Bahorel in his last moments. Shakespeare is a glorious thing. Les Mis; PG.
A Little Fall of Rain: Combeferre and Enjolras, on a rooftop. Les Mis; PG; Slash.
Wordless: Courfeyrac has a pretty dream. Les Mis; G; Slash.
Faerie Tale: Combeferre and Enjolras, angsting. Les Mis; PG; Slash.
A Fine Chaos: Courfeyrac, Combeferre, and Feuilly, having a splendid Mayday. Les Mis; PG; Slash.
Dandelion Fluff: Combeferre and Courfeyrac, young and innocent and silly to the extreme. Les Mis; PG; Slash.
Le Coeur au Bonheur: Marius is lonely without his wife. Les Mis; G.
Pieces: Archie and Horatio celebrate their transferral to Captain Sawyer. Horatio Hornblower; PG; Slash.
Time and Time Again: Courfeyrac and Feuilly, and large amounts of ink. Large amounts. Les Mis; PG; Slash.
Yanwase Men Si-iyen: Enjolras is injured and Joly attends. Written for the MixnMatch Challenge. Off-site Link; Les Mis; PG; Slash.
And I Can Live Inside My Head...: The Surreal Romance of A Hypochondriac and a Mentally Challenged Poet. Written for the MixnMatch Challenge. Off-site Link; Les Mis; PG; Slash.
Laugh: Combeferre pines and Grantaire makes anachronistic puns. Les Mis; PG; Slash.
"That's One Gallows That Worked": Jean-Marc Grantaire had a rather peculiar past. Les Mis; PG.
The Jest: Archie makes a few purchases, but Horatio fails to understand. Horatio Hornblower; G; Slash.
The Thousand Verses: Jehan comes to understand one can love more than a single thing at a time. Including a bad-natured cat. Les Miserables; PG; Slash.
Bits: Not the prequel to 'Pieces'. Archie, adrift in a ship's boat, all alone, with nothing but the sea and his hallucinations. Horatio Hornblower; PG/G.
Fragments on the Floor: A few ficlets with Styles and Matthews. Taking place in 'Mutiny', 'Loyalty', and 'Duchess and the Devil', in that order. Some vague slash. Horatio Hornblower; PG.
Chronology: A Full History of Luc Bahorel, and all his loves; Hugo, Jehan Prouvaire, and brawling. Les Miserables; PG; Slash.
There it Was: Jehan Prouvaire falls in love. Plotles fluffslash, of the 'Ferre/Jehan sort. Les Miserables; PG; Slash.


Voir: Nicolas Enjolras' first drabble. Les Miserables; G.
The Bookshop: Courfeyrac and Enjolras and mistaken identities. Les Mis; G.
Crisscross and Crosscriss: Concerning Courfeyrac and Kennedy. Les Mis/Horatio Hornblower crossover; G.
Stars: Concerning a lonely Combeferre. Les Mis; G.
a n g e l e s: An anxious, awaiting Jean Prouvaire. Les Mis; G.
Dark Chocolate: Concerning a heartbroken and addicted Grantaire. Les Mis; G; Slash.
The Boy Who Lived: Concerning a guilty Courfeyrac. Les Mis; G.
The Beginnings of a Patriotic Singer in 1832 France; A Great Loss to the Musical World, His Death: Concerning Feuilly and Combeferre. Les Mis; G.
Boyfriend Upset By SO's Lack of Support (Ann Landers Column): Jehan Prouvaire and Luc Bahorel being silly. Les Mis; G; Slash.
Once Upon a Morning: Cosette and Marius and Fluff. Les Mis; G.
Boy of Lillies: Concerning a Feuilly with dreams. Les Mis; PG.
In Which There Are Pillow-Books: Joly and Bossuet and tiredness. Les Mis; G.
All the Children: Concerning an underage Prouvaire, and Joly. Les Mis; G.
Snowstorm: Snowed-in Amis. Les Mis; G.
Dignity. Always, Dignity: Concerning an unsuccessful Enjolras who becomes successful. Les Mis; G.
In Glokkamorra: Og is waiting. Finian's Rainbow; G.
The Task of Memorising: Sequel to "Voir". Nicolas and his followers. Les Mis; G.
There Was a Time: Gillenormand is triumphant. Les Mis; G.
Philosophy: Friends share things. The musician and the philosopher split a coat. La Boheme; G; Slash.
Lovers: Madame Thenardier/Enjolras. Who knew? Les Mis; G.
two: Chadd and Eccleston have a cute, innocent, nearly-canon love. Like Joly and Bossuet! Horatio Hornblower; G; Slash.


The Boy With the Special Smile: Archie remains in the back. Horatio Hornblower; G.
when i was a child...: Pellew thinks on Horatio, and on simplicity. Horatio Hornblower; G.
Scraps and Feathers: Wellard, and laudanum and death. Horatio Hornblower; G.
The Prison: Don Alfredo once loved El Faroll. Horatio Hornblower; G.
bonny sweet ireland: Wolfe hates you too :D A poem to be read aloud very quickly and with a strong Irish accent. Even traitors have motivations. Horatio Hornblower; PG-13.
The Star: Maria is a lonely girl. Horatio Hornblower; G.
Concentrate: Archie helps Wellard after his beating. Horatio Hornblower; PG, Slash.
The M'man's Blood: Poor Jack Hammond had promises in his uniform. Horatio Hornblower; G.
La Mort De Éponine: In which the gamine of that name kicks the bucket. . .an experiment in keeping true to canon when on a precarious subject. Les Mis; PG.
The Revolution - The Remembrance: In honour of June 6th, we cast our eyes over a misted barricade. Les Mis; G.
Dancer: Jehan Prouvaire finds himself in a postion to make a choice. Bliss is fleeting. Les Mis; G.
Quietly: Valjean expects to die in misery, and instead dies happy. Les Mis; G.

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