La Mort De Éponine

Oh, dieu, oh God, it hurts it hurts
And he's just as scared as everyone else
When he should comfort me!
Or maybe he's not...
Because I can't see can't tell don't know
He could laugh I couldn't tell
M'sieur Marius, this isn't fair isn't good isn't right help!
It hurts all over and there's blood and
Blood blood blood and
More blood
Everywhere, and it's not just mine, it's everyone's
I'm scared!
God, God, there's a hole in me
And I felt proud of it at first but now
Now I just want to go home now I just want to be well I don't care!
I saved your life I saved it!
Help me save me make it go away make it stop!!
I saved you and now it doesn't matter you'll die anyway
And I don't understand and I can't see and
Everything's turning red red red
This is wrong it wasn't supposed to happen like this it shouldn't be like this!
I don't care I saved him not anymore not any longer I just want to go home go home get away
Stop the blood the blood
I'm talking why am I talking who am I talking to I can't see!
M'sieur Marius, he's here of course he's here
But I didn't know I'd forgotten I keep forgetting
It hurts!
It hurts so much I want to die!
I want to die to die to die to make it stop
There's something soft and cool against my forehead brushing only for a moment God it's him it's him
He kissed me why the hell I didn't ask God and I'm dead it hurts it killed me
Everything's still red his lips should have healed I should live I should live and God
I'm dead I'm...

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