Boyfriend Upset By SO's Lack of Support (Ann Landers Column)

When Bahorel chances to be ill, Jehan visits him regularly, drifting around Luc's apartment and scrounging meals, and always returning to his bedside to whisper comfort and offer smiles that are sneezingly appreciated. But when Jehan is the one who is sick, Luc is hard pressed to return the favour, muttering things about busy schedules and suchlike. Combeferre explains that it isn't in Bahorel's nature to take care of anyone, and Jehan accepts it.

Therefore, when he finds himself confined to bed in December, that last person he expects is the dark-haired young man. Bahorel grins sheepishly at his surprise and heartily tells him, "Happy Christmas! Whatever you've got, don't give it to me."

As Luc crosses the room to him, slamming the door shut and tripping over a stray package of calligraphy ink, shouting a curse and looking shiftily at the poet, Jehan feels decidedly contented. Happy Christmas indeed.

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